About Ovac Gallery

About us

Our story goes back to 1988. when we were just a group of art enthusiasts. Since each of us was working as visual artists, we all had similar thoughts on how much power does visual art have and what can it achieve. We all also shared a big love for our City, Oklahoma, where we started this coalition. What always intrigued us is why doesn’t Oklahoma invest more in visual marketing in for example real estates business but also in promoting culture in general, especially visual arts. We soon came to a conclusion that artists all over Oklahoma are frustrated with how unappreciated they are and with what little attention is paid to art in this state. We realized that we need to do something to stop artists leaving their job and passion. Another big part of our unsatisfactory is that Oklahoma’s business are dying because they do not use visual marketing techniques. What we first noticed is that houses aren’t well advertised. Pictures of beautiful houses that went up for sale were far from beautiful. Everything was done wrong in them. The lighting, the focus, saturation, etc. We have always found our Oklahoma City to be amazing, and it has pushed us to a conclusion that we need to take more good photographs of our beautiful houses and buildings. This also meant that we believed that houses in Oklahoma would be sold faster if they are advertised in a right way. This idea led us forward, so in 1988. we found, what is now called Oklahoma visual arts coalition.