ROOF FORMS in Oklahoma City

ROOF FORMS in Oklahoma City

Building a new home  can be somewhat hard. The hardest part is, except worrying that construction goes well, assuring that all parts of house are done in the same style. A big part in that plays the roof. Depending on what roof form you choose, you create a style base for later work. You always have to keep in mind that roof is not just a protector but also a definer. It defines how will your house look in the end: will it be elegant, simple or extravagant? This post will represent a few types of roofs in Oklahoma city to you and try to help you choose one depending on what you are trying to achieve in building.

Mansard roof

The so called French roof is an interesting roof considering its long history.  The first example of mansard roof is seen on the part of Louvre built somewhere around 1550. Its distinctive elements are double slope on each side of the roof. By meeting, they create a low-pitched roof. What is so great about the mansard is that it allows creating one extra storey to the building. Also, the room for attic is visibly enlarged. Because it allows you one more room, mansard roof bring up the value of your home and saves you some money if you want to rent out that room or when you sell the house.

Flat roof

This type of roof is commonly called a low-slope roof.  They are easier to build and quite often in almost all climates but especially in the warmer ones where there isn’t  a lot of rain falling. You should avoid them if you live in an area where there is a lot of snow or rain because leakage can occur. This doesn’t have a pitch, and it is frequently used for building industrial buildings. An interesting thing about them is that they can be used as a „living roof.“  This means you can grow a garden on this type of roof or a terrace and so provide your house with the additional space

Gable roof

Most popular roofs in the US are definitely gable roofs.  They are sometimes called pitched roofs and they are almost impossible not to recognize. What is so recognizable about them is their triangular shape. They are easy to build, so they are cheaper than other roof solutions.There are many reasons why you should go for a gable roof. If you live in a climate where there is a lot of snow or rain, then this is the right roof for you.  Triangular shape allows the water to shed off easily and also provides more space for the attic.

Skillion roof

A skillion or a mono-pitched roof stands for a roof with a single slope. This distinct it from a gable roof. It is basically a flat roof which is way more leaned and attached to a wall.  Lately, skillions are used more often for houses because they are cheaper and simple to build. Just like gable roof, they angled position allows the water to shed off quickly. They can look very extravagantly and interesting when they are built in the right way and with right materials.